The last mapping project completed by the Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam) confirmed 81 genocide memorial sites in Cambodia. (Although in a conversation in January 2013, DC-Cam Director Youk Chhang estimated as many as 126). It was never the intention of this project to set off on a scavenger hunt for all of the memorials, but rather, to complete a sample survey and obtain a general understanding of local memorials as a collection of localized forms of memory.

Between September 2012 and April 2013, I was able to complete fieldwork at 12 genocide memorials. At that time, I called it a wrap and decided to work with the group of sites that I had by then. No one site is what you might call the “classical” representation of a local genocide memorial in Cambodia. I have found there is such diversity of history, design, and physical condition among just these 12 sites.

For each memorial, I have put together a map of its geographic location, a story about the experience at the site, and a profile on its physical construction, found below. This has helped me not only organize the information but also evaluate the project’s bigger picture.

Baray Choan Daek

Champuh Ka’ek


Kampong Tralach


Phnom Oudong

Phnom Sampeou


Samrong Knong

Samrong Mony

Tha Loas Chah


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