Phnom Sampeou

Phnom Sampeou

25 February 2013

Phnom Sampeou, Battambang District, Battambang Province – At the top of the mountain is the main pagoda and various shrines scattered around with entrances to the mountain’s caves descending lower. This profile covers two of the caves.

Cave 1: Stairs descend and fabric flags hang on strings around, at the very bottom is a small cage with bone remains sparsely scattered, sign outside cage asks for donations

Cave 2: Stairs descend with fabric flags hanging around, gold reclining Buddha is largest structure inside, right to the left of the bottom of the stairs is a cage containing remains also sparsely scattered like Cave 1 and a donation box to its left, a typical stupa stands to the right of the reclining Buddha on the far right side of the cave and it is a four-sided cement structure topped with traditionally styled roof and in front has a glass door displaying the bone remains inside, on the very left side of the cave is an opening up to the top where a hole lets the light in, this is reported to be an area where victims were beaten and dropped to the bottom of the cave

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